Adds new Galaxy Shapes, Sizes, Win Conditions, Sudden Death Mechanics and more!
Galactic Campaigns focuses on customizeability, granting the player additional tools to shape the game to their liking for a unique experience each run.

Since the mod doesn't overwrite any vanilla files the new sizes aren't in order and galaxy shapes aren't available for vanilla sizes. If you cannot access the shapes, try setting options to default, then changing galaxy size to any of the modded sizes (go past the maximum vanilla size; it should go from huge (1000 stars) to micro (100 stars) ) then you'll be able to access modded shapes as well. Same principle if you wish to access Size Variants, simply go past vast (900 stars).


Five new Galaxy Shapes, 15 new Galaxy Sizes, A new Win Condition, Two Sudden Death Mechanics, Four Galactic Seasons.

More details here!

Note: Everything in this mod is optional and customizeable, and can be activated or deactivated on a per-game basis at game start. By default, everything is turned off.

Galaxy Shapes
Gemini: Nothing too unusual, Gemini is a slightly tweaked version of the Barred Spiral Galaxy Shape. This Galaxy will have two seperate bodies, usually connected by one single System.

Triple: This is a Version of the Gemini Galaxy Shape which spawns with three Spirals instead of two. These are usually connected by one or two systems, sometimes none.

Islands: A new Galaxy Shape with a large Core Size. Spawns four distant Spirals which aren't always connected to each other.

Split: A Variation of the Islands which spawns just two large Spirals which are almost never connected by any systems.

Helix: One continuous Spiral which is actually made up of two Spirals in close succession. Few Connections between the inner and outer sides of each.

Galaxy Sizes
Five new Galaxy Sizes as well as two new variants for each: Aftermath and Spotted.
Aftermath spawns you into a Galaxy with a considerable amount of Black Holes while Spotted will increase the Size and Amount of Nebulas.
Due to Aftermath possibly breaking the game I also had to add about 400 new Names for Black Hole Systems.

Micro: 100 Stars
Compact: 300 Stars
Moderate: 500 Stars
Greater: 700 Stars
Vast: 900 Stars

Gameplay Options
Galactic Seasons: Modifiers which apply to all empires in the Galaxy; up to 50 years duration. Every 50 years a new Season begins.

Hyperlane Instability: Debuff to Hyperlane Travel and occasionally randomizes hyperlanes.

Gravitational Anomaly: Debuff to Sublight Speed, Accuracy as well as spawning in new Wormholes.

Otherworldly Influence: Increases Unity, Research Speed, Psionics Research Speed and Psionics Draw Chance

Cosmic Summer: Increases Energy Production and reduces Ship Upkeep

Dark Rift: Debuff to Jump Drives, Ship Upkeep and Emergency FTL.

Ion Storms: Debuff to Sensors and Energy Weapons.

Win Conditions
Emperor's Throne: Introduces a new System near the Galactic Core, controlling this System for a set number of Years wins the game.

Sudden Death
Eclipse: Begins destroying every Star in the Galaxy from the rim towards the core over a set number of Years.

Attrition: A massive stacking debuff which steadily increases over a set number of Years, and eventually begins killing pops each month.

War in Hell: All available Crises will begin to start over a specified duration, this includes the War in Heaven, all possible Great Khans, and finally all vanilla Endgame Crises.

Future Contents

Besides polishing the existing Content, my future plans for this mod include:

Additional Win Conditions planned:
- Capture the Relic
- Flagships

Additional Sudden Death Mechanics planned:
- Add new Options to Eclipse ( choose % of Galaxy Destroyed, enable removing hyperlanes )
- Add Grey Tempest, Demonic Incursion and modded Crises to War in Hell

Loot Cache Systems planned:
- Dragon's Hoard
- Treasure Hunt
- Galactic Colosseum

New Gameplay Options
More Galactic Seasons
New Scenarios Options

Upcoming Content
Currently working on Loot Caches & the first Scenario: Rising Tensions!


With this Mod being still in an experimental phase and largely untested, I need feedback and criticism to get it right.


Got any ideas, new features you'd like to see added to the game or improvements over mine, balancing advice or found a bug? Leave your suggestions here!
Feel free to message me on Discord as well.

Compatibility and Patches

Requires starting a new game, won't have an effect on existing saves!
No Vanilla files are being overwritten.
No known incompatibilites. Let me know if you run into any issues.


English only

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