Are your current stellar graves just too boring and lifeless? Now introducing Nebulae+, the mod for all your cosmic-gas-related woes!

-Additional modifiers for habitable planets within nebulae
-Larger (and smaller) nebulae
-Greater variance in nebula size
-Stellar remnants in the centers of nebulae
-Salvager home system will usually be a stellar remnant
-Ocean Paradise nebula increased in size and recentered on a guaranteed neighbor stellar corpse
-Additional environmental effects from nebula centers
-Increased exotic gas and zro deposits within nebulae (via event)
-Huge galaxies should have slightly more spread-out nebulae

Overwrites are minimal and should not cause problems. If necessary for modding purposes, they are listed in mod_effects_catalogue.txt inside the mod folder. Galaxy size mods will be fully incompatible but should be fairly easy to create patches/internal support for if necessary.

Thanks to CaelReader on the SMD for converting truly so many event icons to planet modifier icons, one is used in this mod as the planet-within-nebula modifiers (pm_zro_3).

As of most recent update:
-Fixed modifier descriptions not displaying properly
-Increased effects of nebula center modifier
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