This is a continuation of an ancient "Exterminatus" mod - mod_detail.php?publishedfileid=692855172. Basically the same functionality with a few improvements.

Main highlights

  • Couple new edicts - "Allow use of exterminatus weapons" allows just that - bombing planets into the dust using your fleets' weapons, no colossus needed. "Supremacy doctrine" gives you a powerful Great War cassus belli, with an Exterminatus Total War and Submission wargoals. The latter is basically a liberation CB which not only flips an ideology of your opponent, but makes them your vassal as well. "Scorched Earth" allows you destroy enemy infrastructures. As long as it is active, whenever you occupy or take control of an enemy system, any megastructures present will be irrepearably ruined, xept for gateways.

  • Various methods of blowing up planets - turn them into toxic, barren, molten, tomb, ocean or cracked worlds. Blow up habitats and ringworld segments. Reduce eucomenopolises into relic worlds or destroy them completely. Please note that blowing up planets left and right won't make you a cool kid in the class. Using tools of this mod will quickly turn your game into a regular fanatical purifiers game, so tread carefully.

  • One new anomaly to obtain a cool way of cleansing planets of pops, without actually destroying them.

  • Orbital bombardment damage is increased a lil bit.
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