Tharrn society is a matriarch ruled by the largest and strongest females. Tharrn culture is based around rituals and sacrifices made in the name of their gods. These rituals tend to involve blood sacrifices of other sentient species. Female Tharrn are highly competitive in power prestige and securing more mates than their rivals. Scientific research is viewed as having little value to the Tharrn and research is relegated to low status males. Instead of research the Tharrn focus on warfare, their ships are crude but effective which has let them conquer many worlds

Major Features

Full shipsets covering all ship classes.

Includes all starbase stages and stations, except for the megastructures and defense platforms


- Why are the megastructures/defense platforms vanilla models?
I couldn’t find a suitable replacement model for them at this time, the mod will be updated when I find a solution.

- NSC/Downscaled ships when?
Currently no plans to add support for other mods, but people are free to make any patches.

These awesome ships models come from the game Lord of Rigel, check out the game here

Rhombus Studios - Developing Lord of Rigel
Iceberg Interactive - Publishing Lord of Rigel
ArjenW - for making the thumbnail

Support me?

Creating mods is a passion project that I do as a hobby, and my mods will never be locked behind a paywall. However, if you like what I do and would like to support my efforts, then any donation on my ko-fi would be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy :)
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