I always found Parade opportunities interesting. But the player has no control over where the Parade ends up.
With this you dont have control, but in a handful of short in game years you can pack up the Parades Modifier and unpack it on another world of your choosing. Maybe its just me but this is something I've always wanted lol

Do note that this DOES NOT give you the Parade bonuses again. It isnt replaying the Parade Situation on a world of your choosing.
Also you cannot move the Inverse Mass without it being stable first.

You defeat the scavenger only to have your 0.2 Alloy Multiplier end up on a small or agrarian world? Just box it up and ship it to your Ecumenopolis!

Did you somehow manage to slay a Wraith and get its -25% less orbital bombardment damage but the bonus has gone to a planet deep in your empire and not on the front lines? Or perhaps the front lines have shifted and now it sits unused. Pump it up and ship it to the front lines.

Ectect Ad Infinitum

Enjoy and let me know if you find any issues! No Vanilla files where harmed in the making of this mod!
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