This mod is a compilation of most of my other fixes and balance mods. Please see the description of each individual mod for what the effects are.

Individual mods update first, then changes are merged here.

Special thanks to Pietas in pinpointing conflicts with Planetary Diversity - all component mods fully support PD. Be sure to load Planetary Diversity after this mod.

Major Update
Versions 9.0.0 and above are fully updated for Stellaris version 3.8 "Gemini" which introduced breaking script syntax changes and thus this mod is not backwards compatible with earlier versions of Stellaris. You can manually download the most recent version of this mod without breaking change here: 8.0.3.

You only need the contents of the mod folder for a local install, disregard the other directories and files. You should rename the folder and then copy the entire (renamed) folder into the local mod folder. More instructions on where to install local mods can be found on the wiki.

Bundled Mods
This is a bundle of mods to resolve compatibility issues if you want to use them all together. Please check each individual mod for the effects and any known issues. The numbers indicate which version of a particular mod is contained in this mod (which also corresponds to the version tag in its git repository).

Source Code
Hosted on Github

Requires Stellaris version 3.8 "Gemini" and disables achievements.

Check each of the contained mods for an explicit list of incompatibility notes. As a result of script improvements in Stellaris version 3.3 "Libra," the component mods (and thus this modpack) have a much higher degree of compatibility with other mods that alter jobs and/or buildings. Still be wary of mods that alter that assimilation process or any species rights (such as slavery types or living standards).

Recommended Companion Mods
The standard planet view has a very small graphic representing your planet's environment and its sky, and so sometimes it is hard to see the alternate sky backgrounds. This is particularly true for the temperate planets: tropical, continental, and ocean. To solve that, I highly recommend you use Bigger Planet View to expand the viewport. As a graphics-only mod, it can be added or removed at any time. It is stand-alone and does not require the use of UI Overhaul Dynamic. The full version of UIOD also provides an expanded viewport if you prefer it over that built-in Stellaris UI.

Should you choose to use Bigger Planet View or the full UIOD mod, it should be loaded after Subtle Polish so that it properly overwrites the planetview from Basic Planetview: More Districts.

When to Install
This mod should not be removed from your save game. Some added modifiers and technologies will not work without the changes in this mod. You can add it safely to already-started games but you will miss out on some of the game-start-time changes (such as the updated version of the Extensive Moon System modifier applying to all moons around a gas giant with the modifier).

See Change Notes.

TitleSubtle Polish: A Collection of Fixes and Enhancements
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Subtle Polish: A Collection of Fixes and Enhancements 46 Yes (fetch: 2022-06-17 18:02:37) 3.65 MB 2022-06-17 16:15:18 2023-01-04 07:05:01
Subtle Polish: A Collection of Fixes and Enhancements 45 Yes (fetch: 2022-06-09 23:13:19) 3.65 MB 2022-06-09 23:11:45 2022-06-17 21:05:03
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